Structural Repairs


3368583872 If you are a homeowner, inevitably the need to replace damaged framing somewhere on your house will happen. Whether it is caused by an accident, pests, rot, or a desired change to layout, rest assured, it is destiny. The cost of the repair will be determined by the size and scope of the project. Structural repairs are generally more expensive to correct than cosmetic ones, but either one requires professionals that know how to blend the new with the old, and maintain the integrity of the structure at the same time that’s where Deaton Builder’s steps in.

Interior Wall vs. Exterior Wall vs. Load free-estimatesBearing Interior Wall Repair

Load bearing exterior wall repair gets more challenging in direct relationship to the number of stories. Where an interior wall section repair might cost $354, it could easily run $381 on an exterior wall. Interior walls that bear weight present their own unique challenge, and cost an average of $514 to repair.


Floor Framing Repair

Laundry rooms, bathrooms, and homes built with inadequately vented crawl spaces, are prone to needing floor repairs as they age.Framing repair High Point NC Moisture and mildew can rot floor joist, leading to costly replacement that can run between $163 and $429 for an average size room. When damage occurs to a floor supporting a load bearing wall, it can be even more costly, and cause irreversible damage to sheetrock in ceilings and walls.


Ceiling vs. Roof Framing Repair

Undetected plumbing leaks in second floor bathrooms are a major cause of ceiling damage. Poor chimney flashing is another common problem that can go unnoticed for years, leaving ceiling joist rotted and decayed. It can easily cost an average of $351 to replace even one or two joist in a single story home. Roof framing repair can be even more costly at an average of $518 if sheathing and shingles need replacing from tree or wind damage.


Stair Framing Repair

Exterior wood stairways don’t last forever. Eventually components start to succumb to the elements and need replacement. Steps or sections of the handrail can be repaired individually, but the stringers are a different story. When one of these structural supports shows cracking or begins to break they can often be strengthened by laminating a sufficient size board to it. When this is done additional supports may be needed. This type of repair can cost from $178 to $468.


Door Framing Repair

Entrance door frames are more susceptible to water damage than most other areas of a house. Water can seep under the casing and start to rot the framing. If not repaired immediately, the bottom wall framing can break free, causing the wall to move back and forth when the door is used. This type of repair will cost from $138 to $362.


Framing Repair Issue: Water Damage vs. Rot vs. Broken Framing

Broken framing is less complicated to repair than water damaged or rotted framing. When framing gets broke there is a definite beginning and ending point that is usually easy to determine. When water damage occurs, the extent of the damage may not be readily visible, requiring investigate tear out to determine.Rotten Framing On average, water damage costs an average of $299. Rotted framing is the most offensive culprit of the lot and costs an average of $292. When rot occurs, termites can often be filling their bellies with your house. These little pests have voracious appetites, and do maximal damage in minimal time. The most serious damage usually takes place out of sight, behind siding and sheathing. A broken framing job that costs $276, for a job that appears to be the same size at the outset.


Because framing is structural, it is important to get repairs done as soon as the damage is noticed. Delays only end up costing more money, and if safety issues are a factor, professional repair can save legal expenses that are neither – wanted or needed.  All repairs must be evaluated and repaired by a Licensed general contractor and may even require the assistance of a Professional Engineer.  Rest assured, Deaton Builder’s has the expertise, and experience on their team to properly repair any damage you may have and will provide you or your realtor with a letter of inspection and