Handyman Services


3368583872Busy schedules can make home repairs hard to get to. Now your growing “To Do” list just looks overwhelming and unmanageable. Where do you start? It takes just one call to hire Deaton Builder’s  to solve all your home repair headaches. Professional, safe, reliable handyman services on-time, every time, that’s our guarantee.  Deaton Builder’s completes all major and minor home repairs in a quick, efficient manner, making your “To Do” list manageable allowing you to spend your time doing what you enjoy most. High quality, consistent work means every Home repair, installation, maintenance or odd job is quickly checked off your list so you can officially get it off your mind.  Because of a high demand from previous customer’s for small odd jobs, we decided to offer Handyman work and provide the same trustworthy and reliable service our reputation was built on.  Trust the #1 Contractor in the Triad NC area, Deaton Builder’s.


Our Handyman Services


We find that five types of projects keep attics in good condition, and save you a lot of money by avoiding much more expensive repairs down the line:

  • Insulation repair/replacement. Maintaining sufficient and properly installed attic insulation will ensure that your home is not subject to spikes in energy bills during periods of hot and cold weather. Find out how much insulation you need.
  • General roof/ceiling upkeep. Maintaining the roof of your home is a double-sided issue, meaning that your roof and your attic’s ceiling are one and the same and should be treated as such. If your attic has cracks and holes, mold, mildew and rot will quickly follow any leak.
  • Clean attic and roof vents. This allows air to flow through the attic, as well as put in an attic fan to keep your home cool.
  • Rotted wood. Check around windows and doors for wood rot. If you spot any, then consider Deaton Builder’s for carpentry services.
  • Electrical issues. Your attic is also home to some of your home’s most important electrical equipment. Maintaining these exposed electrical works is vitally important. Water and electrics do not mix, nor do exposed electrics and wood.



Carpentry Services

Whether you’re looking to install crown molding, or just need any other carpentry work, call Deaton Builder’s. Our quality, hand-crafted carpentry services will leave any room of your home looking beautiful while increasing the overall value of your house.  We will save you time looking for someone to keep those beautiful wood surfaces repaired and looking brand new.  Explore all the residential carpentry services that the professionals at Deaton Builder’s can offer you.  From installing door trim to framing a new storage area, our carpentry services can handle any task.


Common Deck Maintenance Repairs

Decks suffer from a variety of common problems caused by normal wear and tear. Wood becomes loose or cracked. Boards start to give too much, which can result in nasty trips. Handrails start to loosen. The support posts grow old. All of these issues are correctable, and Deaton Builder’s has the expertise to fix them correctly. We will come to your home, examine your deck, and make the necessary repairs to ensure that your deck is ready for the spring and summer seasons. We can also clean, stain or seal your deck. By starting right away, we won’t waste your time, and you won’t have to call multiple contractors for a single project. When decks are beyond repair, we will most likely recommend replacement. When this is the case, don’t worry Deaton Builder’s can replace your old outdated deck with a new one using the newest building materials like composite decking boards and vinyl porch railings. Many surface repairs are easily made to restore your deck to its former glory. A structural deck repair however may indicate it’s time for a new deck replacement by Deaton Builder’s. These small repairs will lengthen the lifetime and beauty of your deck for years to come.


Door Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Doors are gateways to and throughout your home. A malfunctioning door can ruin the flow of your home quickly. In addition to that, a beautiful door that fits perfectly within your home’s décor will save energy and is something that will not go unnoticed by your friends and family. This is where door maintenance and door installation come into play. Deaton Builder’s can replace any exterior door including the jamb and locks to make your home more secure and energy efficient.


Drywall Services

Deaton Builder’s  drywall technicians can perform multiple drywall repair tasks. Our drywall finishing services  can help you put the final touches on a recent remodeling project, while our drywall repair service  focuses on fixing the cracks, holes, and wear and tear that occurs throughout your home as the years go by.  From repairing a small hole or crack to replacing and finishing a whole room we are equipped to handle whatever your needs are.  We also can scrape and repair textured ceilings.


Professional Electrical Services

Deaton Builder’s can perform a number of electrical services including:

• General Electrical maintenance :  Have Deaton Builder’s replace electrical cords, wire outlets, install dimmers, and more.Electrical repairs
• Install Ceiling Fans:  Deaton Builder’s can install or replace Ceiling fans and lighting fixtures safely and efficiently.
 Replace Fixtures:  Looking to update your bathroom or kitchen? Have Deaton Builder’s replace your lighting fixtures or update hardware for a new look.

Remember that electrical services are subject to local and state licensing requirements, and some services may require permits and a licensed electrician.  Let Deaton Builder’s evaluate your project and determine if a licensed professional is required.



Energy Efficient Home Repairs

Deaton Builder’s has some cost-efficient home repair ideas on how to make your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, households can save 20%-30% on energy bills by implementing simple home improvements. Over time, you will save more money on your energy bill  than it will cost to have these improvements done in your home.

When you hire Deaton Builder’s, you will be surprised at how much can be accomplished and how much you will save!  Here are just a couple things that Deaton Builder’s can do for you.

  • Insulate your hot water heater and cut your homes CO2 emissions and save 4%-9% in water heating costs
  •  Install a programmable thermostat and save approximately $180 a year by properly setting and maintaining your thermostat
  • Add door sweeps and shoe gaskets around the threshold and exterior doors to stop energy leaks in your home
  • Replace your showerheads to save between 10%-16% of water heating costsr recent Projects



Floor Installation & Repair

Deaton Builder’s floor services are your total solution for installation and repair of most types of flooring, including hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile and more. With just one call, we will help prioritize all your floor installation and repair needs, as well as other major and minor home repairs on your “To Do List.”

Whether we’re laying ceramic tile floor in your kitchen, installing hardwood floors in your living room or making tile repairs in your bathroom, Mr. Handyman helps solve all your home improvement headaches after just one call.  We will arrive with all the tools necessary to make all floor repairs and installations. Once we get there, you can expect efficient, high quality work that’s completed on time.