Handicap Upfits

Most people would prefer to grow old while staying comfortable and independent in their own homes. However, many people wind up selling their homes and moving into some form of assisted living—often despite their wishes. One reason for this is that modern American homes are rarely designed with seniors in mind.

As people age, even navigating stairs or getting into a bathtub can be a dangerous experience. Without special adjustments to accommodate changing needs, familiar and comfortable homes can become death traps.Aging in place remodeling

However, it’s possible to make your home safer—and increase the chances you’ll be able to age in place. Aging in place remodeling projects have become big business—and could be a good idea for your home. Here are a few things to think about.

Consider an Aging in Place Specialist.

Aging in place specialists like Deaton Builder’s, are people who consult with Healthcare professionals and homeowners in remodeling homes for the needs of older adults. Some contractor’s work with people certified in aging in place design and remodeling; AARP, the National Association of Home Builders and Home Innovation research Labs offer a Certified Aging in Place Specialist credential for experts in the field. If you are considering making adjustments to your home, Deaton Builder’s can help in all areas.